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OEM Carbon Steel Packaging Machinery Thick Pressure Rod Casting Parts

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The Food Packaging Film Machinery Thick Pressure Rod is a crucial component within the casting area. It plays a vital role in ensuring the uniform thickness of food packaging film during production. 
  • PF003

  • Zeren


Product Description

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The Food Packaging Film Machinery Thick Pressure Rod is a crucial component within the casting area. It plays a vital role in ensuring the uniform thickness of food packaging film during production. 

This pressure rod exerts controlled force on the molten material as it passes through the casting process, resulting in consistent and high-quality packaging films. Its precise engineering contributes to reliable and efficient film production, meeting industry standards for safety and performance.

Product Name Food Packaging Film Machinery Thick Pressure Rod
Brand name Zeren
Model PF003
Material Carbon Steel
Classification Machinery equipment Casting Part-Plastic Film Machinery
Process Investment Casting+CNC Machining
Certification ISO9001:2015
Customized support OEM

Product Presentation


Technical Parameters

Product General Specs
MaterialAustenitic stainless steel: 201, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 1.4581, scs14, scs16
Hardened stainless steel:17-4PH, 410, 420, 440C
Alloy cast steel: 4140, 4150, 4340, 8620, GS-25CrMo4
Casting alloy tool steel: CS-2, CS-7, CrWMn
Carbon steel: 1020, 1025(WCB), 1030, 1040, 1045, 1050
Casting toleranceCT4-CT7/GBT6414-1999; VDG Merkblad P690
Surface RoughnessRa1.6-Ra6.3
ThicknessMin 2mm (1mm in Micro-region)
Casting RadiusRound radius ≥0.3mm, Internal fillet radius≥0.5mm
Blind Hole DepthMax 30mm (Diamter 10mm)
MachiningTurning,Milling,Drilling,Boring,Threading, Grinding,CNC Machining & test equipment
Heat TreatmentAnnealing,Hardening, Normalizing,Carburizing, Aging
Surface FinishingBlack Oxide,Black Coating,Anti-Pollution Flashover Coating,Mirror Polish
Industry StandardsASTM, ICI, BS, DIN, JIS, ISO
Design SoftwarePro-E, UG,Solidworks, AutoCAD

Product Uses & Advantage


  1. Pressure Application: This casting part is designed to apply controlled pressure to the packaging film during the sealing or cutting process, ensuring secure seals and preventing leaks.

  2. Film Control: The thick pressure rod guides and maintains the alignment of the packaging film as it moves through the machinery, ensuring accurate positioning.


  1. Consistent Pressure: The primary advantage lies in its ability to provide consistent and uniform pressure to the packaging film, resulting in reliable seals and preventing contamination of packaged food.

  2. Enhanced Sealing: The thick pressure rod ensures effective sealing, minimizing the risk of leaks and maintaining the freshness and integrity of the packaged products.

  3. Accurate Film Handling: By guiding and aligning the packaging film, the part prevents misalignment issues, contributing to accurate positioning and proper packaging.


Plastic film machinery casting parts are crucial components in the production of various plastic films.

They provide precision and durability, ensuring smooth operation of film extrusion and casting processes.

These parts enable manufacturers to produce a wide range of plastic films for packaging, agriculture, construction, and more.

The use of high-quality casting parts ensures consistent film quality and reduces downtime for maintenance.

Product Application

The Food Packaging Film Thick Pressure Rod is a kind of Plastic Film Machinery. Here are some specific application scenarios of Plastic Film Machinery:

1. Construction

Plastic film machinery is employed in the construction industry to produce films for construction site enclosures, vapor barriers, moisture barriers, and protective covers. 

2. Medical and Healthcare

Plastic film machinery finds application in the medical and healthcare sectors to manufacture films used in medical packaging, sterilization wraps, surgical drapes, and disposable medical devices.

Plastic film machinery casting parts play a vital role in the production of conductive ink films used in printed electronics, RFID tags, and flexible displays.These parts enable the manufacturing of phase change materials (PCMs) encapsulated in films for thermal energy storage and temperature regulation applications.

Plastic film machinery casting parts contribute to the production of moisture barrier films used in building materials, insulation, and waterproofing applications.These parts are essential for manufacturing inflatable films used in airbags, life rafts, and other safety devices for cushioning and impact protection.







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