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Zeren Customization Service Flow Chart

Zeren Company Service

Our company offers a range of services around the investment casting production process. These services can be divided into three main phases: Pre-Sales, Sales, and After-Sales.

Consulting and Feasibility Analysis

The company's expert representatives conduct full communication and discussions with customers to understand their design concepts, material preferences and expected results; evaluate the feasibility of the investment casting process for a given project, and consider the complexity of the product factors such as performance, size, and material compatibility.

Design Assistance

We can provide support in optimizing investment casting designs and assist customers in selecting the appropriate material to meet the mechanical and performance requirements of the part. Ensure that the designed part meets both the feasibility of the casting process and the overall performance standards required by the designer.

Cost Estimates

Provide customers with accurate cost estimates for the investment casting process to help them make informed decisions.

Mold and Tooling Development

Design and manufacture of molds for making investment castings and tooling and fixtures required in the process.

Quality Control

Formulate and improve the process parameters of each process during the sample production process, and implement strict process control and quality control measures in the production stage to ensure that the final produced parts meet customer requirements and industry standards.

Inspection and Testing

Adopt seven quality control methods to control and summarize the production process, use PDCA cycle to improve product quality step by step, and carry out necessary testing and inspection on castings to verify the special performance required by customers.

On-Time Delivery

Reasonably arrange the technological process of investment casting and mechanical processing, and deliver the goods within the agreed time under the premise of ensuring quality, especially if the customer requires additional finishing, such as machining, polishing or When surface treatment (such as electroplating, electrophoresis, blackening, etc.), it is necessary to reasonably arrange the time allocation and connection of each type of work in advance.

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory management and ensure the necessary inventory quantity as needed to ensure on-time and quantity delivery, especially for customers with continuous production needs to effectively manage inventory.

Problems During Transportation

Keep in communication with the shipping company and customers at any time after delivery to solve problems that may arise during transportation in a timely manner.

Communication After the Customer Receives the Goods

After the customer receives the goods, check whether there is any damage to the outer packaging, whether there is any problem with the surface of the parts, whether there is any problem with the size and main requirements of the customer, etc. Keep communicating with customers at any time, and negotiate or solve problems found by some customers in the process of use in a timely manner.

Customer Support

Keep the lines of communication open for any inquiries or issues that may arise after part delivery.

Customer Quality Records

Make detailed records of all inquiries and problems from customers, especially the methods to solve problems, so as to avoid similar problems from happening again. Achieve monthly summary, quarterly summary and annual summary of customer service, so as to improve monthly and yearly.

In conclusion, Zeren Corporation provides comprehensive services, from pre-sales consultation and design assistance to efficient production and reliable after-sales support, ensuring customers receive high-quality investment casting components tailored to their specific needs.





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