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OEM Investment Casting Motorcycle Parts Foundry Lost Wax Precision Casting

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Dive into the world of motorcycle innovation as we explore the casting magic that gives life to the essential components beneath the chrome and leather. 
  • MA002

  • Zeren


Product Description

ME018 01

Dive into the world of motorcycle innovation as we explore the casting magic that gives life to the essential components beneath the chrome and leather. 

Unlock the potential of your motorcycle with precision-engineered casting parts designed to withstand the rigors of the road.

These castings, from engine blocks to suspension components, embody the marriage of strength and sophistication that propels motorcycles through the twists and turns of adventure.

Product Name Suction Cover
Brand name Zeren
Model MA002
Material Stainless Steel
Classification Transport Tool Casting Part - Motorcycle Accessories
Process Investment Casting + CNC Machining
Certification ISO9001:2015
Customized support OEM

Technical Parameters

Product General Specification
MaterialAustenitic stainless steel: 201, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 1.4581, scs14, scs16
Hardened stainless steel:17-4PH, 410, 420, 440C
Alloy cast steel: 4140, 4150, 4340, 8620, GS-25CrMo4
Casting alloy tool steel: CS-2, CS-7, CrWMn
Carbon steel: 1020, 1025(WCB), 1030, 1040, 1045, 1050
Casting toleranceCT4-CT7/GBT6414-1999; VDG Merkblad P690
Surface RoughnessRa1.6-Ra6.3
ThicknessMin 2mm (1mm in Micro-region)
Casting RadiusRound radius ≥0.3mm, Internal fillet radius≥0.5mm
Blind Hole DepthMax 30mm (Diamter 10mm)
MachiningTurning,Milling,Drilling,Boring,Threading, Grinding,CNC Machining & test equipment
Heat TreatmentAnnealing,Hardening, Normalizing,Carburizing, Aging
Surface FinishingBlack Oxide,Black Coating,Anti-Pollution Flashover Coating,Mirror Polish
Industry StandardsASTM, ICI, BS, DIN, JIS, ISO
Design SoftwarePro-E, UG,Solidworks, AutoCAD

Product Uses & Advantage


Pistons: Motorcycle pistons, vital for converting combustion energy into mechanical motion, are often crafted through casting.

Crankshafts: Components transmitting power from pistons to the transmission are commonly crafted through casting for durability.

Exhaust manifold castings channel exhaust gases from the engine to the exhaust system, promoting efficient engine performance and emissions control.

Handlebar risers elevate the handlebars, providing a comfortable riding position and allowing customization for different rider preferences.

Footpeg brackets support footpegs, providing a secure platform for the rider's feet and enhancing rider control and comfort.


Material Compatibility: Casting methods accommodate a range of materials, allowing for the selection of alloys suited to specific motorcycle applications.

Cost-Effectiveness: Motorcycle casting is a cost-effective manufacturing process, suitable for producing complex shapes without excessive machining.

Dimensional Accuracy: Precise casting techniques ensure consistent part dimensions, promoting assembly efficiency and reliability.

Smooth Surface Finish: Cast parts exhibit smooth surfaces, reducing friction and improving overall performance.

Material Variety: A wide range of materials can be cast, allowing for tailored solutions based on performance requirements.


Product Application

The Motocycle Casting Parts is a kind of Transport Tool Casting Part. Here are some specific application scenarios of Vehicle Casting Parts:

1. Suspension Systems: Components in suspension systems, including forks and shock absorbers, benefit from casting for strength and durability, enhancing motorcycle stability.

2. Chassis Components: Casting contributes to the creation of chassis components, providing structural support and impact resistance for the motorcycle frame.

3. Brake Calipers: Calipers for motorcycle disc brakes are often cast for precise braking performance.

4.Handlebars and Controls: Some motorcycle handlebars and control components are cast for ergonomic design and durability.

5. Fuel System: Parts like carburetor bodies and fuel pump housings are cast for fuel delivery efficiency.







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