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OEM Manufacturer Duplex Steel Power Engineering Instrument Turbine Casting Parts

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The Duplex Steel Turbine is a specialized power engineering instrument casting part used in various power generation applications.
  • TA001

  • Zeren


Product Description

TB002 1

The Duplex Steel Turbine is a specialized power engineering instrument casting part used in various power generation applications. It is constructed from duplex stainless steel, a material known for its excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. 

The Duplex Steel Turbine is designed to withstand extreme operating conditions, such as high pressure and temperature environments, making it suitable for use in steam turbines, gas turbines, and hydroelectric turbines. This casting part plays a crucial role in converting fluid energy into mechanical energy, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of power generation systems. Its robust construction and superior material properties make it highly suitable for demanding power engineering applications.

Product Name Duplex Steel Turbine
Brand name Zeren
Model TA001
Material Duplex Steel
Classification Power Engineering Instrument Casting Part - Turbine Accessories
Process Investment Casting + CNC Machining
Certification ISO9001:2015
Customized support OEM

Technical Parameters

Product General Specs
MaterialAustenitic stainless steel: 201, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 1.4581, scs14, scs16
Hardened stainless steel:17-4PH, 410, 420, 440C
Alloy cast steel: 4140, 4150, 4340, 8620, GS-25CrMo4
Casting alloy tool steel: CS-2, CS-7, CrWMn
Carbon steel: 1020, 1025(WCB), 1030, 1040, 1045, 1050
Casting toleranceCT4-CT7/GBT6414-1999; VDG Merkblad P690
Surface RoughnessRa1.6-Ra6.3
ThicknessMin 2mm (1mm in Micro-region)
Casting RadiusRound radius ≥0.3mm, Internal fillet radius≥0.5mm
Blind Hole DepthMax 30mm (Diamter 10mm)
MachiningTurning,Milling,Drilling,Boring,Threading, Grinding,CNC Machining & test equipment
Heat TreatmentAnnealing,Hardening, Normalizing,Carburizing, Aging
Surface FinishingBlack Oxide,Black Coating,Anti-Pollution Flashover Coating,Mirror Polish
Industry StandardsASTM, ICI, BS, DIN, JIS, ISO
Design SoftwarePro-E, UG,Solidworks, AutoCAD

Product Uses & Advantage


  1. 1. Enhanced Turbine Functionality: Turbine accessories are designed to complement and enhance the operation of turbines, optimizing their efficiency and power generation.

  2. 2. Component Integration: These accessories are integrated into various sections of the turbine, contributing to its overall functionality and ensuring smooth operation.


  1. 1. Efficiency Boost: The primary advantage lies in their ability to improve turbine efficiency by optimizing air or fluid flow, minimizing energy losses, and maximizing power output.

  2. 2. Durability: Turbine accessories are built to withstand harsh conditions, such as high temperatures, pressures, and rotational forces, ensuring extended operational life.

  3. 3. Performance Optimization: These parts are specifically designed to fine-tune various aspects of turbine performance, resulting in improved energy conversion and overall efficacy.

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Product Application

The Duplex Steel Turbine is a kind of Turbine Accessories. Here are some specific application scenarios of Turbine Accessories:

1. Power Generation: Turbine accessories find extensive application in power generation plants, including thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and wind farms. 

2. Aerospace: Turbine accessories are employed in the aerospace industry, particularly in aircraft engines. They are utilized in turbofan engines, turboprop engines, and turboshaft engines to enhance propulsion efficiency and provide reliable power for aircraft. 







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