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Our Cases & Solutions

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 Case1 & Solutions

Cooperation with HUAWEI - Wrench Casting Parts

In 2012, our company developed a product for HUAWEI: wrench casting - tool door and window hardware (as shown below), the material is A3 steel.

During the production process, we found the following problems: because the casting is easy to deform, subsequent shaping is difficult, and after the surface is polished, it needs to be plated with copper and then chrome-plated. 

At the same time, electroplating will have a magnifying effect on surface defects, and sand holes are prone to occur, resulting in rework or even scrapping after final polishing. Therefore, we recommend only casting the head of the product.

The rear plane part is processed by steel plate and then butted together, which does not affect the performance of the product, and overcomes the above defects, and reduces the cost by about 50%.


Case2 & Solutions

304 Stainless Steel Diffuser Impellers & Steam Valve

In 2016, our company produced diffuser impellers (impeller accessories) according to the drawings provided by customers (as shown below), the material is 304 stainless steel.

This product contains five curved air-dissipating holes. It is very dif ficult to open the mold, make the shell and remove the sand, resulting in a high scrap rate.

In this regard, after research and discussion, our engineers decided to use a sand core material that not only has high temperature strength but also is easy to remove sand after high temperature, and finally perfectly solved the problem of curved hole casting.


In addition, there is also a steam valve (as shown below), the material is 316 stainless steel.

Due to the small opening and complex inner cavity, finally successfully solved the problem for the customer by using this sand core material, produced the product, and established a long-term good cooperative relationship with the customer.


Case3 & Solutions

316 Stainless Steel Pressure Vent Valve Body

In 2018, our company produced the pressure vent valve body (valve accessories) for customers (as shown below). The material is 316 stainless steel.

Because the opening is too small, the inner cavity is small and complicated, and it is almost impossible to clean the internal sand core, so we opened a square hole on the back of the product, welded it with a stainless steel square plate, and opened a dovetail groove at the weld, which is conducive to a strong weld.

We also used a sand core that has both high-temperature strength and is easy to remove sand after high-temperature action to make this product. After the casting was processed, the air-tightness test was carried out, and it reached the qualified standard, so the product was mass-produced , and finally met the customer's requirements and won the trust of the customer.


Case4 & Solutions

Coffee Pot Casting Part

In 2020, our company produced the main casting of the coffee pot - kitchenware and bathroom hardware for an Italian customer (as shown below). The material is 316 stainless steel. 

Through communication with the customer, we learned that the customer has verticality requirements for the center of the upper and lower parts of the casting, but due to the inner cavity of this product is complex, and it is impossible to build the mold as a whole.

Therefore, we divided the wax mold of the part into upper and lower parts and made them separately, and then assembled the wax molds of the upper and lower parts into a whole. The combined wax mold successfully passed the verticality tooling inspection procedure.

And finally all aspects of performance have met the customer's requirements, so the customer is very satisfied with our professional technical level and perfect product quality.


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