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Precision Fabrication Carbon Steel Metal Automatic Door Base Casting Parts

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The Door And Window Automatic Door Base casting part is an essential component that supports automated entry systems.
  • DH002

  • Zeren


Product Description


The Door And Window Automatic Door Base casting part is an essential component that supports automated entry systems. It forms the foundation for automatic doors, allowing smooth and touchless access. This versatile part finds application in commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, and more, enhancing convenience and accessibility. 

By eliminating the need for manual door operation, it promotes hands-free entry, efficient traffic flow, and improved hygiene. Its role in creating welcoming and safe environments makes it a pivotal element in modern architectural design, offering seamless and convenient access for individuals while contributing to the overall functionality and user experience of various spaces.

Product Name Door and Window Automatic Door Base
Brand name Zeren
Model DH002
Material Carbon Steel
Classification Hardware Casting Part - Door and Window Hardware
Process Investment Casting + CNC Machining
Certification ISO9001:2015
Customized support OEM

Technical Parameters

Product General Specs
MaterialAustenitic stainless steel: 201, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 1.4581, scs14, scs16
Hardened stainless steel:17-4PH, 410, 420, 440C
Alloy cast steel: 4140, 4150, 4340, 8620, GS-25CrMo4
Casting alloy tool steel: CS-2, CS-7, CrWMn
Carbon steel: 1020, 1025(WCB), 1030, 1040, 1045, 1050
Casting toleranceCT4-CT7/GBT6414-1999; VDG Merkblad P690
Surface RoughnessRa1.6-Ra6.3
ThicknessMin 2mm (1mm in Micro-region)
Casting RadiusRound radius ≥0.3mm, Internal fillet radius≥0.5mm
Blind Hole DepthMax 30mm (Diamter 10mm)
MachiningTurning,Milling,Drilling,Boring,Threading, Grinding,CNC Machining & test equipment
Heat TreatmentAnnealing,Hardening, Normalizing,Carburizing, Aging
Surface FinishingBlack Oxide,Black Coating,Anti-Pollution Flashover Coating,Mirror Polish
Industry StandardsASTM, ICI, BS, DIN, JIS, ISO
Design SoftwarePro-E, UG,Solidworks, AutoCAD

Product Uses & Advantage


  1. 1. Automated Entry: The primary use of the casting part is to support the base of automatic doors, enabling smooth and hands-free entry and exit.

  2. 2. Access Control: It facilitates controlled entry and exit, particularly in high-traffic areas, ensuring efficient movement while maintaining security.


  1. 1. Convenience: The casting part allows for easy, hands-free access, enhancing convenience for individuals entering or exiting buildings and facilities.

  2. 2. Accessibility: It promotes inclusivity by ensuring that individuals with disabilities or those carrying items can enter and exit without physical effort.

  3. 3. Efficiency: Automatic door bases contribute to efficient traffic flow, especially in busy environments such as airports, hospitals, and commercial spaces.


Product Application

Door and window Automatic Door Base is a kind of Door and Window Hardware . Here are some specific application scenarios of Automatic Door Base:

1. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: They ensure convenient entry and exit for patients, visitors, and staff, maintaining hygiene by minimizing touch points.

2. Airports and Transportation Hubs: These parts are used in terminal entrances, facilitating smooth passenger flow while accommodating luggage and equipment.

3. Educational Institutions: Automatic door bases are utilized in schools and universities, ensuring accessible entry for students and faculty members.







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